Friday, September 12, 2008

I Heart Huckabee

I may agree with 0% of his policies, but I respect him more than I do John McCain. After my last post explaining how McCain has sold out on his principles, it's nice to see that Huckabee is calling for a "return to the issues." I first suspected he might be slightly more principled than the presumptive candidate when he was interviewed on the Daily Show last week. John Stewart pointed out that Huckabee, unlike other cheering Republicans, did not look happy at the repeated insults hurled at the Obama: Huckabee avoided answering the question and I think that leaves little doubt about how he feels -- especially in light of his new criticism of the recent GOP smear campaign: The problem for Huckabee is that he concludes that "it is a mistake to think that our Republican ideas somehow can't compete with the Democrats." Well, the McCain campaign realizes it is. They can't talk about tax cuts tax cuts tax cuts, the end all and be all of Republican policy, because that's been the core of the Bush economic plan for the last 8 years and it clearly hasn't worked. In fact, I think we remember when Clinton raised taxes the economy did better.

In future posts I'll answer Huckabee's challenge and attempt to explain in detail why Republican policy can't compete.

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