Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Do the Dems Have a Plan?

Is it possible that the Democrats actually have a plan this election -- and therefore really could win? Part of me worries that we haven't seen the Keating Five attack ad yet because the Obama camp refuses to run it. On the other hand, they could be saving their best for the final run -- and making sure that Obama stays on message. Across the aisle, for example, it's certainly been a problem for McCain that he's been all over the map on issues -- especially the economy -- and has even had correct his VP candidate.

And speaking of the VP candidate, I remember being afraid that the Dems were once again taking the high road and were going to lose because they wouldn't attack Palin. Now, with her favorables dropping and independents switching over to the Dems because of her, maybe letting Palin implode was the plan all along.

As for Palin imploding, well, that never gets old. As I've said before, as long as McPain/Palin loses this will go down as the funniest VP pick of all time. Take a look at Palin and Biden both answer Katie Couric on Roe v. Wade. Biden's answer is incredibly well-thought out. He especially shines when asked to name a court decision with which he disagrees -- and talks about the Violence Against Women Act. Biden derides the court, as he should, for invalidating the Violence Against Women Act for failing to have an interstate commerce connection. Of course, the conservative cour has had no problem finding such a connection when it comes to anti-abortion laws.

Then Palin answers on the video, stumbling through her normal gibberish. She isn't even lucid. But what's most frightening is that when Katie Couric asks her to name another case with which she disagrees, it's clear that Palin can't name another Supreme Court case. I mean, she couldn't even throw out Dredd Scott. Either she agrees with slavery or she knows absolutely nothing about the Court. I wonder how many Justices she could name. In her defense though, I'm not sure they get newspapers in Alaska either.

Yes, Palin's an easy target, but it's important to remember that her selection reflects poorly on the judgment of the artist formerly known as John McCain.

So while I'm still afraid of the McCain campaign attacks, which are sure to come, and will attempt to play on American's underlying racism, I'm starting to believe that the Dems have a plan and they just might win. Even, which tends to have the most conservative estimates (when it comes to electoral college predictions) of the sites I look at, now has Obama with a strong lead -- including a 2 point lead in Florida.


Anonymous said...

Her interview basically said that she agrees that the constitution provides a right, but that people in a local area should be able to decide whether or not they like that right and take it away from other people. Maybe she really does support slavery with that line of thought. Does she also believe in state's rights for the 2nd amendment? I highly doubt it.

Anonymous said...

Do you have any detail on the rules of last night's debate? Was one of them that no matter what the moderator asks Palin was allowed to answer an entirely different question?